Bus Ride There; Bus Ride Here!

Flying to Atlanta drives me crazy as the plane is usually very late or cancelled. And I have to fly to Atlanta if I want to go anywhere Delta flies such as New York which makes no sense. So when I went to Atlanta for a long weekend to see my best friend I took […]

The Bag Lady Scenario or Is Cat Food In My Future

Dear Me, Since January 3rd, 2016 when you woke up about 2AM and thought: “sheet (sadly I really do say things like that to myself) the stock market is going to begin to truly crash tomorrow,” you’ve been freaking. And have spent way too much time cursing yourself for not having a spouse——any gender——so you can […]

My Best Friend’s Birthday

Everybody wants instant wisdom. They want to read words that speak brilliant thoughts, and follow those thoughts to the yellow brick road of maturity and insight. Only life it is messy. Plans go awry. People leave. People hurt. People die. Life, real life, the one we live, makes you want to cry. And sometimes it […]

Waiting For My Tendons To Rupture

I will never give advice. Ever. To anyone. Anybody who spends time waiting for their tendons to rupture really isn’t in a position to give advice on anything. This all began about five weeks ago when I began coughing. I thought it was my normal end of October, beginning of November through spring cough. Brought […]

Fearing Fear

It’s not hard for me to understand fear. I fear: Seeing a doctor for the first time. Seeing a dentist for the first time. Dinner parties where people, I don’t know or don’t know well, sit at large rectangular tables. Events like Blogher. Anyplace I think I’m going to be judged, and judged harshly. Though […]

Some travel stories, 9/11, Paris and me

A plane was hijacked when I was 34, in 1985, . I happened to be in London.  Later an Air India jet exploded in what was determined to be a terrorist attack. As I was going home the next day via Air India I was a bit nervous, and did the only sane thing a […]

Counting the ale bottles

In March, 1991, I was training to be an SSI Claims Rep in Jamaica, Queens. It was a strange reverse commute. I would walk down to the subway at Lexington and 60th from Fifth and 63rd counting the empty Olde English bottles along the way. A strange ritual I know, but while I had hung […]

Courting Destiny—the original design–and a story about NY, 1976

This is how my blog looked beginning in December, 2004. Pretend there’s an arrow leading to the first two words in the next paragraph! Sam’s Summer  is still one of my favorite stories. And absolutely true. The woman who had lived in my apartment for 25 years was a madam. I wish I had kept […]

Me and my generation; we go together

Viet Nam was the backdrop to my youth. I cried for hours when President Johnson announced he wasn’t going to run. Though I worked for anti–war candidates, I intuitively knew that he was a great domestic leader who had done more for the country than any president since FDR. When I began college in 1968, […]

Absolute Rights

I wrote a post about regrets. Most people over a certain age have them though we tell everybody that we have none. How can that be? There’s always something; a road not taken; a love broken too quickly or too slowly; a friendship ended for the wrong reasons; a job taken that doesn’t fit or […]

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