Moving from NY to North Myrtle Beach, part 4—compassion

This post was written for 1,000 voices for compassion. Though I had another post written I realized this belonged in this series. It’s on learning to put myself first which might sound like the least compassionate thing to do but I needed to learn the difference between doing because I believe it the right thing to […]

Life in Two Centuries

I just had a long conversation with myself about what word is better: “butt” or “tush.” Butt goes better with “baby boomer” but “tush” or as my family liked to say “tushie” is, well, better. When Little Luce was three I taught it to her. She refused to believe that it was a real word […]

My move from New York to North Myrtle Beach, part 3

Here is: part one part two I spent Christmas and New Years week trying to write about the specific events that truly precipitated my move from New York. Ha! I must have saved about 40 completely different drafts—none usable. The first event is a cliche——9/11. The second is my mother’s death a month later from a […]

Moving from New York to North Myrtle Beach, part two

I realized many things today after trying to write this for a long while. Weeks upon weeks! The post will be at least four parts! Here’s part one I miss New York. Of course I do. It’s where my parents were born, lived their lives and are buried. It’s where I met every man I […]

About Me–Part 500A

The second part of  Moving from Manhattan to North Myrtle Beach will be posted next week. It’s been one of the most difficult things I have ever written. Difficult in ways writing has never been for me before. I’m not very good at talking about what I don’t like in other people; I’m very used […]

Moving from Manhattan to North Myrtle Beach, part one

My life in New York was by any standard (except the billionaire one) a good life. My apartment was small but not cluttered, rich in bathrooms, and wonderful city views. New York was home. I didn’t realize how comfortable I felt on every street in Manhattan. Having lived in Queens (Sunnyside and Douglaston) for twelve […]

Stirring The Pot

I had a nagging feeling all day yesterday that November 17th had a personal significance to me but I couldn’t remember what it was. No, it wasn’t Luke & Laura’s 33rd anniversary (had they remained married and been real people,) that was pulling at my heart. It was something far more personal. When I went […]

Courting Destiny meets the world; but is the world ready

There’s so much I want to write about I feel paralyzed. People say “face your fears” as if they’re saying something wise and new. I have been writing about my fears and problems for so long I can’t take it anymore. I’m much more than a stupid disability I never knew I had until I […]

Roll Tide

Ten years ago I had no idea what “Roll Tide” means in modern American culture. Now it’s a part of my life. The expression–its history and even Bear Bryant’s life story; someday I might even make it to a Bama game. If blogging has done nothing else for me it has introduced me to America–all […]

And the years keep coming

I tell myself I’m a good writer with much to say. I used to believe this. I find myself wordless because I don’t have an empty nest nor even a nest to empty. I don’t have a husband to call “the hubs” or something equally putrid. I’m not widowed. I’ve been divorced so long cobwebs […]

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