The only disability in life is a bad attitude–oh really

Ray Romano’s performance on Parenthood was amazing. He plays an adult who accidentally discovers he’s on the autism spectrum. As he learns he struggles in therapy. He’s not the person he thought he was. He made a big mistake in his relationship with Sarah. He assumed she understood something she couldn’t have and was very […]

On Lafayette Street–first posted in 2005

Nolita–then called Noho, late 1980′s It was a hot June night. Not hot as in oppressive, I want to die weather like today, but hot enough. In New York, the hottest part of the day is always dusk when the heat’s had time to settle on the cement, and the buildings seem to ooze both […]

Leaving New York–part one

This memoir is a long time overdue. It’s being written out of order. That makes a lot of sense to my very non-linear mind.  It owes a lot to the many people who read Courting Destiny, and my BFF’s–sometimes but not always the same —over the past almost ten years.  I had been wanting to […]

The beginning and the end have a lot in common–prologue

There’s an old Horry County, SC joke about its seven Democrats. That’s no longer true. There are twelve. I jest—if the recession hadn’t changed many people’s plans we might even be able to win an election. OK that’s a stretch but…someday. How did I–a life long not truly Democratic but truly liberal Jewish single New […]

A Short History of My Relationship With my Father Through TV

This is a very different version of a post I first wrote in March, 2005. I have edited it so much since I posted it earlier tonight it’s way different than it was then! Every year I would practice my Oscar acceptance speech until it was beyond perfect. Of course I was never sure what […]

You probably think this post is about you

Friday I had an interesting conversation on Facebook about police in Austin, TX and jaywalkers. The subject is close to my heart and the participants were all civilized though divergent in views. Then Saturday I tried to wish a woman luck which apparently was a bad thing in itself. I was feeling old that day […]

I Answer a Question or Two

Dear People of the World, Please leave me alone unless you’re a close friend and/or family member. And even then I would think…. I’m not brilliant. I haven’t been in school in 18 years and that was only because I went to grad school late. **** I’m smart. I figured things out. My family was […]

02/13/2014–the day I got my life back

This is the first post I ever wrote on Facebook first. Then I put it here as it’s important to me and I like it. I really like it! I can’t seem to format it the way I want to and am having other structural problems. Getting my life back doesn’t mean technical perfection or […]

Before there is shagging there is ice

I didn’t recognize the sunroom when I woke up. Somehow it looked like shades of yellow instead of stark white. The sunroom’s attached to the master bedroom by a sliding glass door (sometimes I think I live in one of your finer motels) and is the only white room in the house. The ice has […]

Liquidating Life

She would pick me up at the Great Neck train station though she lived further east. It was a shorter trip and my mother wanted to make everything as easy for her daughters as possible. On the way to Mecca––otherwise known as Loehmann’s, we would talk. Once when my father was on a business trip […]

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