Me and my generation; we go together

Viet Nam was the backdrop to my youth. I cried for hours when President Johnson announced he wasn’t going to run. Though I worked for anti–war candidates, I intuitively knew that he was a great domestic leader who had done more for the country than any president since FDR. When I began college in 1968, […]

Absolute Rights

I wrote a post about regrets. Most people over a certain age have them though we tell everybody that we have none. How can that be? There’s always something; a road not taken; a love broken too quickly or too slowly; a friendship ended for the wrong reasons; a job taken that doesn’t fit or […]

I Feel Cheated

I feel cheated because many people still refuse to understand: “My daughter had NLD. It was treated at school. Now she’s fine.” I don’t know if that’s a true statement or not as I didn’t know I had problems when I was in school. I was treated as a very bright girl who was very […]

Dreams, hopes, blogging and writing

I am not a blogger. Bloggers feel passionate about their blogging. I did once—decades ago in blogging years. Blogging gave me a false sense of security during the most difficult years of my life. My mother had died suddenly, and I thought tragically, a month after 9/11. It was damn hard to mourn, anybody but […]

Sleeping Beauties

December, 1970 Coed found dead in Woods.  Sitting on the subway, bored,  I  surreptitiously glanced at the man sitting next to me’s Daily News when I saw the headline. I couldn’t help it. I, princess of silence, girl with the greatest street face in history, gasped. My face, chameleon-like, everywhere but the streets and the subway must have […]

The Blinders Fit Perfectly

I’m writing a story about how I dropped out of college, worked, lived in a five room apartment in a complex every New Yorker knows—Stuy Town, moved to Israel after traveling in Europe with people I met on the plane, came home and….well, somethings should be a surprise. Actually that’s the barest of outlines. When […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

October, 1968 The Nazi Resident Assistant, Gretchen, smirks as she hands me a message from the campus security director. He wants to see me in his office, in the Cereal King’s daughter’s doll house that is larger than some houses, anytime tomorrow. I wonder what I have done now as I figure out when I […]

Childhood, redeux

From ages four through twelve I lived in a garden apartment court on the Northeastern corner of Queens. There were 40 families and I I knew every one, up close and personal. Our apartments were small without halls or air conditioning. But even in the winter, unless there was a torrential blizzard or it was […]

Another blog lives on, barely

This is a story without a true beginning or a theme. Yes I began Courting on August 13, 2004, not really knowing what  a blog was nor understanding that a blog should represent a brand, and/or have a theme; be marketing friendly, totally optimized for search engines. Yet had I known all that I would have […]

Don’t Pee On Me….my last NLD post

NLD might be the backdrop in the book I’m writing. Or might not be as I really don’t know how much it affected the choices I made prior to learning about NLD. I decided to put this post in here as I wrote my first posts about NLD in Courting. And I’m using a computer […]

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