The Blinders Fit Perfectly

I’m writing a story about how I dropped out of college, worked, lived in a five room apartment in a complex every New Yorker knows—Stuy Town, moved to Israel after traveling in Europe with people I met on the plane, came home and….well, somethings should be a surprise. Actually that’s the barest of outlines. When […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

October, 1968 The Nazi Resident Assistant, Gretchen, smirks as she hands me a message from the campus security director. He wants to see me in his office, in the Cereal King’s daughter’s doll house that is larger than some houses, anytime tomorrow. I wonder what I have done now as I figure out when I […]

Childhood, redeux

From ages four through twelve I lived in a garden apartment court on the Northeastern corner of Queens. There were 40 families and I I knew every one, up close and personal. Our apartments were small without halls or air conditioning. But even in the winter, unless there was a torrential blizzard or it was […]

Another blog lives on, barely

This is a story without a true beginning or a theme. Yes I began Courting on August 13, 2004, not really knowing what  a blog was nor understanding that a blog should represent a brand, and/or have a theme; be marketing friendly, totally optimized for search engines. Yet had I known all that I would have […]

Don’t Pee On Me….my last NLD post

NLD might be the backdrop in the book I’m writing. Or might not be as I really don’t know how much it affected the choices I made prior to learning about NLD. I decided to put this post in here as I wrote my first posts about NLD in Courting. And I’m using a computer […]

Wonderful Weekend For a Moondance

July, 1969 My father’s downstairs in his red burlap wall papered study watching Walter Cronkite talk about the astronauts descent onto the moon. Their radar isn’t good; their radar is good. My father’s watching as if it’s the holy grail. I’m supposed to be excited about this? Really? I have known that we were going […]

Sad, scared and rapidly aging

Eight days until the mother of all birthdays. In eight days I can no longer delude myself and think I’m young or even really middle aged. Women talk about their 40’s as if it’s ancient, and I have no idea what they’re talking about. When I look at pictures of myself I see that sweet […]

The Confederate Flag, The Swastika, and me

Never before, from my teen years through all my adult ones, have I ever felt so lonely, out of place, and sad. And angry at liberals. who insist on reprinting something from The Onion. I’m a Jew who lives 90 minutes due north from Charleston in a tiny coastal city I will call NMB basically […]

Choices: a tale of midlife, money, sex, and love

So many articles I read end with: “and then I met the man——who turned out to be the one.” The woman is never young but midlife or older. Most times she has been married before but it wasn’t destined or she thinks she wasn’t together enough for it to work. “After the cancer remission, I […]

Swan Songs and all that

I don’t want to be angry. People begin blogs and expect remuneration despite how cliched or lackluster their content is. Content is no longer king. I worked so hard on my blogs—eighteen hour days. No more but I did that for too many years. People tell me that I have changed their lives. Opened their eyes. […]

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