The Confederate Flag, The Swastika, and me

Never before, from my teen years through all my adult ones, have I ever felt so lonely, out of place, and sad. And angry at liberals. who insist on reprinting something from The Onion. I’m a Jew who lives 90 minutes due north from Charleston in a tiny coastal city I will call NMB basically […]

Choices: a tale of midlife, money, sex, and love

So many articles I read end with: “and then I met the man——who turned out to be the one.” The woman is never young but midlife or older. Most times she has been married before but it wasn’t destined or she thinks she wasn’t together enough for it to work. “After the cancer remission, I […]

Swan Songs and all that

I don’t want to be angry. People begin blogs and expect remuneration despite how cliched or lackluster their content is. Content is no longer king. I worked so hard on my blogs—eighteen hour days. No more but I did that for too many years. People tell me that I have changed their lives. Opened their eyes. […]

About Me: Part 1,000

I change the “about me” on the sidebar fairly often. This one answers very basic questions people have for me. If you have more leave them in a comment on this post. I don’t really make money off my blogs so please unless you’re an adult with nonverbal learning disorder (NLD) don’t put comments in […]

Safe Harbor

It’s difficult for me to blog. Not because I’m out of words or thoughts——if that would ever happen, I couldn’t begin to imagine my life. Not even because blogging has changed so much since I was a serious blogger——2004 to 2007; but because learning about nonverbal learning disorder (NLD) has done the opposite of what […]

Transitions: Finding Friends in All The Right Places

“Everyone’s abyss is always close and it’s hard work to keep it at bay.” Laura Heidel Wilmington, North Carolina is about 45 minutes to an hour north of here. It’s a beautiful vibrant city near some of the best beaches I know. People move to Wilmington because of its beauty, its small town feel, its culture–ever […]

Moving from NY to North Myrtle Beach, part 4—compassion

This post was written for 1,000 voices for compassion. Though I had another post written I realized this belonged in this series. It’s on learning to put myself first which might sound like the least compassionate thing to do but I needed to learn the difference between doing because I believe it the right thing to […]

Life in Two Centuries

I just had a long conversation with myself about what word is better: “butt” or “tush.” Butt goes better with “baby boomer” but “tush” or as my family liked to say “tushie” is, well, better. When Little Luce was three I taught it to her. She refused to believe that it was a real word […]

My move from New York to North Myrtle Beach, part 3

Here is: part one part two I spent Christmas and New Years week trying to write about the specific events that truly precipitated my move from New York. Ha! I must have saved about 40 completely different drafts—none usable. The first event is a cliche——9/11. The second is my mother’s death a month later from a […]

Moving from New York to North Myrtle Beach, part two

I realized many things today after trying to write this for a long while. Weeks upon weeks! The post will be at least four parts! Here’s part one I miss New York. Of course I do. It’s where my parents were born, lived their lives and are buried. It’s where I met every man I […]

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