Moving from Manhattan to North Myrtle Beach, part one

My life in New York was by any standard (except the billionaire one) a good life. My apartment was small but not cluttered, rich in bathrooms, and wonderful city views. New York was home. I didn’t realize how comfortable I felt on every street in Manhattan. Having lived in Queens (Sunnyside and Douglaston) for twelve […]

Stirring The Pot

I had a nagging feeling all day yesterday that November 17th had a personal significance to me but I couldn’t remember what it was. No, it wasn’t Luke & Laura’s 33rd anniversary (had they remained married and been real people,) that was pulling at my heart. It was something far more personal. When I went […]

Courting Destiny meets the world; but is the world ready

There’s so much I want to write about I feel paralyzed. People say “face your fears” as if they’re saying something wise and new. I have been writing about my fears and problems for so long I can’t take it anymore. I’m much more than a stupid disability I never knew I had until I […]

Roll Tide

Ten years ago I had no idea what “Roll Tide” means in modern American culture. Now it’s a part of my life. The expression–its history and even Bear Bryant’s life story; someday I might even make it to a Bama game. If blogging has done nothing else for me it has introduced me to America–all […]

And the years keep coming

I tell myself I’m a good writer with much to say. I used to believe this. I find myself wordless because I don’t have an empty nest nor even a nest to empty. I don’t have a husband to call “the hubs” or something equally putrid. I’m not widowed. I’ve been divorced so long cobwebs […]


I wish I could talk about how suicide changes an extended family forever. I wish I could talk about how the stigma of not being able to talk about it makes the kids, who haven’t been told, a lot different than they were. They see their parents and adult relatives huddled together talking about god […]

The Journey Goes On And On And….

This was the first post I ever wrote back in August 2004. I barely knew what a blog was then. I was to learn. Blogging platforms weren’t what they are now. For tech-challenged people like me it was hell. But blogging was heaven. Except that it began to take all my time after I found an […]

Finally almost enamored with me, almost

I met one of my best friends, 22 years ago, at a birthday party for a two year old, my goddaughter/honorary niece, Little Luce. I stopped to make faces at the infant in Kendall’s lap; Kendall and I began talking, and talked our way through the party. She’s a punk princess; I was a hippie […]

The Week of Myrtle Beach’s Shame

I live in North Myrtle Beach and was going to stay silent on the three murders and seven shootings in Myrtle Beach during Memorial Day Weekend known here as Black Bike Week—officially known as Atlantic Beach Bike Week. I was going to stay silent as I have only lived here for five years. I’m a […]

The Why We Blog Tour: Seeking Truth

Recently I joined a wonderful organization called The Women of Midlife Boulevard where some amazing women share parts of their very full lives. I edited this so much I very accidentally took out my thanks to Elizabeth Flora Rosa for her very interesting intro in her post (past participants on the bottom of the post!) The next […]

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