Kimmy Schmitt, you are way too important to me

Last night I thought I was dying. I thought of everything I would miss if I died. The third season of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmitt was number one on my “I can’t die because the second season was so brilliant and the ending. OMGOD the ending. A lot of my regrets concerning dying centered around TV. […]

Missing Mommy

I’m sure she didn’t think I was perfect. But like mothers everywhere, she made me think she thought I was. I know she didn’t have a favorite child. But again, since I walked on water, I must have been. Right! No, but I….. Aside from my father, who had died ten years earlier, she was […]

Summer Lights

There’s a movement to get Daylight Savings Times rescinded. Daylight Savings Time! Who doesn’t remember being a kid, and feeling like you’re being rewarded, for a hard year of elementary school, with extra time at the beach, the pool, your friends, and even your parents? Who wasn’t allowed to stay out after dark so you […]

Back In The ’70’s: memoir

Vinyl makes my heart pump faster and faster until I can hear each click separately and distinctly from the one before. It’s the only TV show that has ever given me a panic attack, so perfectly does it depict a time and lifestyle in New York that makes me quiver with emotions that are not […]

NLD doesn’t define me

I deleted an excellent article about nonverbal learning disorder (NLD) that somebody else put on my Facebook page. I did it for the following reasons: My personal Facebook page is my page—one thing in life I can control to an extent. I only put in articles about NLD that I or my friends wrote. Many […]

Let me never end up….

A post I wrote for Rena McDaniel’s wonderful caretaking series on being a social worker in a long term care facility or how I spent two years in grad school, countless post grad classes, passed the licensing exam to order underwear. That was a small part of the job but it’s the part I still […]

A Life Away From Facebook

I hate this post but since I already posted it will let stay up. Next week wait for “Fifteen ways for the introverted/extrovert with deep anxiety issues to duel the extrovert/introvert with depression triggered by the quarter moon.” Yesterday I found myself practically crying to my friend Bonnie, of the wonderful blog Frogma, about how I […]

Bus Ride There; Bus Ride Here!

Flying to Atlanta drives me crazy as the plane is usually very late or cancelled. And I have to fly to Atlanta if I want to go anywhere Delta flies such as New York which makes no sense. So when I went to Atlanta for a long weekend to see my best friend I took […]

The Bag Lady Scenario or Is Cat Food In My Future

Dear Me, Since January 3rd, 2016 when you woke up about 2AM and thought: “sheet (sadly I really do say things like that to myself) the stock market is going to begin to truly crash tomorrow,” you’ve been freaking. And have spent way too much time cursing yourself for not having a spouse——any gender——so you can […]

My Best Friend’s Birthday

Everybody wants instant wisdom. They want to read words that speak brilliant thoughts, and follow those thoughts to the yellow brick road of maturity and insight. Only life it is messy. Plans go awry. People leave. People hurt. People die. Life, real life, the one we live, makes you want to cry. And sometimes it […]

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