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Your Day Awayâ„¢ 2008

There’s much about the bail out plan I don’t approve and find scary. But I have gone through about twelve days like Monday in the past ten months and find them even scarier. A bit of me wishes this apartment sale hadn’t gone through as I can easily find a decent job in New York. […]

If I am chopped liver I would hope I'm the vegetarian kind

I keep deleting posts as my writing is awful, and I’m depressing. I’m confused and can’t seem to get out a coherent thought. I was making concession after concession for the buyers who have VERY IMPORTANT JOBS and are buying in VERY DIFFICULT TIMES. Yesterday I reached my limit. The closing was changed so many […]

The largest political rally in the history of Alaska…

Alaskan women reject Sarah Palin. (Thanks Panthergirl–I have since gotten it in numerous emails) Read about and then think about this: After the cascade of financial failures and rescues in the last two weeks, what is easy to forget is how just recently the presidential election seemed to be turning on Mr. McCain’s choice of […]

Days before a full moon

This week’s gone by in a whirl of feverish unproductive activity or not. It was sad. It was scary. I hope to never see another one like it. I have been spending evenings and/or nights with friends and when alone find myself looking for any escapist TV show I can find. Though I did succumb […]

False Beauty; real beauty: Or; Plans? You still believe in plans and planning? Silly goose you

Al’s back or came back for 9/11. He knows more about Manhattan than I do. Maybe not. If I had the mental energy I would challenge him to a Manhattan trivia contest. ∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞ Sarah Palin articles Frank Rich: “If the Obamas had a 17-year-old daughter who was unmarried and pregnant by a tough-talking black kid, […]

Seventeen years ago; then seven; now today

My bff Lucia and I saw Jersey Boys A new type of Broadway show that brought me some faith in Broadway. I don’t generally like it or even Off-Broadway anymore. As both are very pricey I can be picky But that’s a whole other post She wanted to leave when she was 40 in 91 […]

Palin is personal

It took me a year of Sundays and weekdays to find this apartment. I never e_pected it to go up 300% in value in eleven years. I was lucky, and I saw many many toads on the road to the prince. Buying a house is scarier as I know the Upper West Side well and […]

Courting no trouble

Many times lately I don’t know whether keeping this blog up is worth it. I had it redesigned specifically so I could add images not realizing that the problem was with the blog host. Then I was shuffling between addresses and had no Internet service here nor TV–just when the Democratic convention was on, Gustav […]

The battle cry of the no longer popular blogger

I am in New York not South Carolina–where Hannah did touch down in the Cherry Grove section of North Myrtle Beach. I have never done an interstate move before with storage involved. I’m nervous about that. Is it a self-absorbed lu_ury to write about?. ••••••••••• I took this post down as it was self-absorbed and […]

We're too damn complacent; don't let them win*

I guess I’m gad and alightly amused that my family and family of friends think ‘m so powerful I can personally change peoples’ minds. I can’t. It has to be a group effort–a very large group….. And yes I’m very aware that my wrting hasn’t been great in the past year. I’m living in an […]

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